Champagne in the Train Station

I still remember the first day I arrived in London and got off at the most iconic train station I’ve ever seen. The moment I walked out the train I fell in love with the city that will soon become my home. Since then I’ve come back many times to visit and drink champagne. I wonder, how many others places in the world have such classy and historic stations?

Campagne In the Train Station

You’ve probably guessed that I’m talking about St. Pancras train station, the stunning structure that connects London with the rest of UK and Europe via rail.

Here’s a brief list of the amazing things you can do in this station:

  • Enjoy a glass of champagne in style, just by the Eurostar trains
  • Shop at your favourite designer shops
  • Take a 2h train to Paris
  • Take a 1h train to England’s coastline (Brighton)
  • Have more champagne

Champagne Bar in St Pancras Train Station

Let’s get back to the iconic champagne bar – rightfully named SEARCYS St.Pancras Grand Champagne Bar. As I’ve told you, it’s no ordinary place to drink champagne in a train station, and here are the facts:

  • It’s been titled ‘Europe’s longest champagne bar’ because it stretches over 98m and has 110 seats
  • It offers panoramic views over the St Pancreas station terminal
  • It’s located right by the Eurostar lines

Interesting fact: if you become a member (free of charge) they give you a free glass of champagne on your birthday. Find our more about this stunning champagne bar in the St Pancras train station on their official website here.

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