Direct Train From London To Amsterdam, Coming Soon

In London, we love Eurostar, it makes our travel dreams come true. One moment we are getting on a train in the hustle and bustle of St Pancras, and 2 hours later we are getting off in Paris Gare du Nord. However, the love just grew fonder, when we read this breaking news from Eurostar:

They are launching direct trains from London to Amsterdam! No more planes, ferries or multiple train changes, a direct train from the heart of London to the heart of Amsterdam!

Eurostar London to Amsterdam

The route between London and Amsterdam is one of the busiest in Europe with more than three million people travelling on it. So far, taking a flight was the fastest option available. However, with the new Eurostar London to Amsterdam route, now the trip can be not only more convenient but also more pocket-friendly.

Eurostar will make its grand debut for the London to Amsterdam route by the end of the year. Some reports suggest that the company will try to take advantage of the Christmas rush to launch it. However, other reports suggest the launch could come as late as Easter 2018.

Ticket Prices

The Eurostar London to Amsterdam route will start with two trains per day. It is estimated that the journey will take less than four hours.

Daily Express announced this news on Twitter

If you don’t want to wait until Christmas, you can still travel from London to Amsterdam via Eurostar, with 1 change in between. Plan your journey here.

To read more news about the upcoming Eurostar London to Amsterdam route, check out the Evening Standard article here or the Independent article here.

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