The Lion King Musical- Lyceum Theatre

If you’re up for a theatre experience in London, there’s nothing London (locals and tourists) loves more than the almost two-decades-old Disney musical, The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in West End.

The Disney musical is internationally acclaimed as the most successful musical and history and that is not only due to Simba’s captivating story, but also to how the directors bring the animated feature to life on stage.

The Lion King – 17 years of Disney Magic

At the Lyceum Theatre, 57 cast members come together from Tuesday to Sunday, to take their audiences into a world of music and magic. The musical is now in its 17th years of booking, since it opened in West End in 1999.

You can find out more about show times and ticket availability on the Lyceum Theatre website here.

The Lyceum Theatre

The Lyceum Theatre is unmistakably located in the heart of Covent Garden, just off Strand. Due to its position, you’ll have plenty of dining options with theatre menus, specially tailored to feed you just in time before the show begins.

Here’s an image on Instagram, by @aishasharma25, that does the theatre great justice:


The Lyceum Theatre is only a 5 minutes walk from Covent Garden underground station and a 10 minutes stroll from Charing Cross.

Lion King – London’s Magic Disney Story

If a story is told almost every day and night of the year for 17 years, it has to be magic. Have you ever been to the Lion King musical at the Lyceum Theatre? If yes, leave a comment below and let us know about your experience.

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