4 Free London Attractions to Enjoy in May

London glows in the warm sunshine of May. The rain is milder and more scattered throughout the week, and often the sky is clear for days in a row. If you’ve been to London before, you’d know this is a privilege. To help take advantage of the warm weather, we’ve put together a list with the 4 top London attractions to enjoy in May. They are also free.

Top 4 London Attractions to Enjoy in May

 Hyde Park

Just a casual daddy-daughter horse ride through Hyde Park 😍🌳🐴 #hydepark #saturday

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Around this time of the year, you can bring your beach towel and sun lotion, because Hyde Park it’s the capital’s favourite sunbathing spot.

The tube station is just next to the Park, and you even have lost of shops, restaurants and cafes around.

Hype Park is also a great place to enjoy live music and events.

Regent Park

In an English country garden 🎼🎻 #regentspark

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Another local & tourist favourite is the iconic Regent Park, a safe heaven of greenery and friendly squirrels. You can take walks, have picnics and feed the squirrels. Be aware that they have no fear of humans and, if invited, they will even climb on you.

If you’ve been shopping, Regent Park is a short walk away from Oxford Street. However, you can also get off at Regents Park tube station or Warren Street.


Embankment is a beautiful place by the River Thames, ideally for tranquil river walks. On either side of the river, you have restaurants and bars, but you can also just sit on a bench and admire boats sailing by (or people watch). This is my favourite of the London attractions to enjoy in May.

Carnaby Street

At this time of the year, Carnaby looks more like a Mediterranean old town. Restaurants and bars spread their tables and chairs across the sidewalks, inviting you to have a sit in the sunshine and enjoy their delicacies.  It might not be as tranquil as on the Spanish seaside, but it definitely is a lovely to spend your afternoons and evenings in London.

Leave a comment below and tell us about your favourite London attractions when the sun is out.

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