London Hotels – The 4 I Recommend Wholeheartedly

For me, a night in a London hotel is the best city break I can give myself. I don’t know why, but there’s something about high-end British hospitality that I can’t quite find anywhere else in the world. Here are the 4 London Hotels that I think you’ll definitely find that something special at (a mix of class, royalty and city glam).

My Top 4 London Hotels

1. Shangri-La – The Shard

Everything about the Shard is grand. The building, the ambience and especially the view. The Shangri-La at the Shard is my most favourite hotel and ironically one that I am yet to stay at. However, you can get and insider scoop from our guest blogger, Jemma, who did enjoy a spectacular night in London’s skyscraper. Click here to read her review.

2. Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Hotel is the synonym of timeless style, and even if I haven’t stayed at this one either, it’s definitely on my top 4 list of London Hotels.  The hotel has been redesigned to give it a touch of modernness while keeping the signature vintage elegance that comes with the high-end hotel chain. As you might expect, if you stay at the Four Seasons, you’re also high up on the Monopoly board – in no other than Mayfair. In this area of London, you don’t need to blink twice to see a Lamborgini.

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3. Montcalm by Marble Arch

My favourite hotel in London – that I’ve actually stayed at. The Montalcm is located at the top of Park Lane. Here is how they describe it on the official website, and I can second every single word:

“At The Montcalm London Marble Arch, the magnificent décor and the contemporary design of the lobby welcomes you to an experience to remember”.

“Our rooms are tastefully designed with an emphasis on comfort and style”.
The location is great for shopping, going for walks in the heat of London but also just a bubble of luxury in itself. So far, in the city of London, I only expect the Shard to surpass the luxury and class that I found at the Montcalm.

4.   The Grosvenor House

The Grosvenor House, part of the JW Marriott chain,  is a classic vintage British hotel. Normally it wouldn’t be my style because I’m much more into contemporary designs, but there was something about the Grosvenor that made the experience unforgettable. It started with the fabulous entrance:

The rooms were a bit outdated, but they held so much class and character that I couldn’t help but fall in the love with the novelty of it all. Spending my nights in Park Lane, London. Going for walks with a Starbucks in my hand (which you can by at the cafe in the hotel lobby).



Here it is, my list of 4 London Hotels that I’d love to return to and I’d love to stay at. If you’ve been to any of them, leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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