4 Famous London Streets

London Streets are part of the city’s identity.  They are famous worldwide for one reason or another. Here are 4 streets that we recommend you check out on your next visit to London. Don’t forget your selfie stick (is that still a thing?).

4. Oxford Street

If you are in London and you plan to shop till you drop, you cannot miss visiting Oxford-street, which is one of the busiest shopping areas in Europe and one of the coolest London streets. From TopShop to John Lewis, you will find every retailer on this street, from high-end to household brands. However, be prepared for the slow-paced crowds of enthusiastic shoppers.

If you decide to shop on Oxford Street, check out our blog on the Oxford Street Shopping Planner, it could come in handy.

3. Abbey Street

At first glance, Abbey Street seems a typical residential street in London. However, it has the famous crosswalk where the Beatles shot the cover of their album with the same name. This is probably the only place where it’s acceptable to cross the road whilst using on your phone – the crossing is a selfie hotspot.

2. Baker Street

What is Baker Street famous for? Have you heard of it? It’s the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes. The actual address of Sherlock Holmes is now Sherlock Holmes Museum.

1. Downing Street

Downing Street is where the British Prime Minister lives and works, and that is why this address is famous around the globe. Will you believe that India has a chain of pubs named “10 Downing Street” (which is the exact address of the PM)? This London street walking distance from House of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. However, you m

However, you might only be able to navigate this one on Google Maps, because it’s not open to the public.

London Streets Selfies

Have you been on any of these London Streets? Share a selfie with us in the comments below (i.e. link to your social media post) and we’ll feature you on our blog. Extra points if you’ve somehow managed to get a selfie on Downing Street.

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