5 Famous Movies Filmed in London

London is one of the most filmed cities in Europe. This city has seen both historical as well as modern movies filmed on its streets and iconic locations. Here are 4 famous movies filmed in London and gave its viewers a taste of the English capital.

1. Bridget Jone’s Diary

Rene Zellweger’s romantic chick flick with Hugh Grant, who is English himself.

2. V for Vendetta

This movie is based on the comic book with the same name! This movie shows London in a devastating light; by blowing up the iconic locations. The movie imagines a fascist government in London that gives no liberty to its people.

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3.  28 Days Later

28 days later showcases London with Zombies. An empty London looks creepy and breathtaking at the same time.  The sequel doesn’t portray London with the same grandeur. This probably one of the only creepy as well as beautiful movies filmed in London.

4. Love Actually

This movie perfectly captures the dreamy Christmas in London.

5. James Bond

The James Bond series is well known for showcasing London in some way or the other in the movies.  Like in Goldeneye, the Somerset House was smartly disguised as St. Petersberg while in Tomorrow Never Dies, a very important part of the movie was shot at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre. In the latest movie, agent 007 was simply speeding across River Thames.

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Which Movies Filmed in London Have You Seen?

Have you watched all these movies filmed in London?  Tell us what other movies you love about this city and we will add it to our list.

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