Oxford Street Shopping Planner

Oxford Street shopping may be attracted tourists from all over the world, but that comes with more than one price tag – what you pay for the items you purchased and what it takes to navigate the crowds. At its peak times, walking down the street can feel like marching in a parade. However, it looks like there’s been some innovation going on and finally, there’s a solution to make your shopping on Oxford Street better.

After browsing around the Oxford Street website, casually looking for what’s new, I came across “My OXST Planner” and naturally I had to share with you,

It works like a search engine for the commercial masterpiece that Oxford Street is. You type you what you’re looking for and they find it for you, with clear directions. For instance, I typed in my favourite store, “Mango” and I got a link with directions straight to Google Maps. You can also be vaguer and look for shoes – they actually give you a category to thick under Shopping.

Image Credit: OxfordStreet.co.uk

This will bring a wide selection of results, with stores that sell shoes.

As you can see from the image, the Oxford Street shopping planner is not restricting to shopping for clothes. It also helps you plan dinners and nights out.

You can access “My OXST Planner” official website here.

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