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If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, Patara is renowned for being one of the international restaurant chains that stay closest to its traditional roots.


Patara describe themselves as contemporary Thai cuisine, and you can definitely expect authenticity with a fine dining element.   They offer signature seafood dishes, traditional curries, and unique meat dishes such as Chicken with Papaya Salad or Coconut Braised Beef.

Image credit: Patara London Instagram (@pataralondon)


The restaurant is quiet and elegant, offering a pleasant contrast to its busy surroundings. The waiters are formally dressed and the tables are presented with great attention to detail. As you walk in, the staff greets you in Thai, with the customary gesture of holding their palms together to their chest. The traditional decor also helps to transport you into a Thai ambiance.


Patara is a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Circus, on the slightly quieter Maddox St. (just off Regent Street).

It’s hidden enough that you might miss it, but you can get full directions on their website here.  The closest station to Patara is Oxford Circus.

Although it’s an international restaurant chain, you can only find it in a few selected cities around the world such as London, Beijing, Geneva, Vienna, Singapore and Bangkok.


The menu at Patara gives you several set menu options, usually priced just under £50 per person. Most individual dishes cost between £15-£20. (Prices last checked on March 2017)

You can download the full menu, with prices, from the Patara website here. They also have a Promotions sections on their website, here, which is worth checking out before you make your reservation.



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