Our Favourite #QueensBirthday Tweets

Today our much-loved QueenElizabeth II has turned 91 years old (born on 21st April 1926). We are double celebrating not only her long healthy life but also her long reign, as she’s been a monarch for an astonishing 6 and a half decades of her entire life. Twitter has been all about the #QueensBirthday, as the world took moment to celebrate our longest-reigning British monarch.

Did you know? – There are 2 #QueensBirthday celebrations

Although the queen is born on 21st of April, her “official” birthday is celebrated in June. This is an old royal tradition, started by King George II in 1748. He was born in November and felt that the British weather was too cold for his birthday parade, so he moved the celebrations to summer. Although the Queen’s birthday is during the milder days of spring, she continued the royal tradition and this year her official birthday will be celebrated on Saturday, 17th of June.

The world celebrates the Queen’s Birthday on Twitter

The official date and the parade didn’t stop the queen or the world to celebrate twice. Here are our favourite #QueensBirthday tweets.

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