Sightseeing in London: What Will You Do If You Are In The City For Just One Day?

What does one day of sightseeing in London look like?

1. Buckingham Palace – Change of Guard

Buckingham Palace is royal in the literal sense, and so is every ritual attached to it. The Change of the Guard has to stand as one of the most iconic, and yet routine, ceremonies performed at the Queen’s house.  Read more about this ceremony on our blog here.

2. Flight on London Eye

What would a city be without a grandiose wheel to take you for a spin into the skyline? Certainly, the city wouldn’t be the same without the iconic London Eye. If you’re in for the day, take a flight, it’s one of the most unique views you can get over the city.  Read more about it on our blog here.

3. Shop on Oxford Street

Love shopping? Go to Oxford Street.  Sightseeing in London is incomplete without a hectic shopping day on Europe’s most famous High Street. It might get a little crowded but it’s worth it. Learn more about tools to plan your day on Oxford Street here.

4. Walk on Tower Bridge (and take selfies)

London’s most iconic bridge – pay a visit and take in its structure, spectacular views, modern exhibitions and magnificent Victorian Engine Rooms.  There’s more to it. Read more here.

5. Get on a Red Bus

What would a trip to London be without a ride on the bright red double-decker bus? Don’t forget the selfie.

6. Take a Black Cab

Black cabs might be costly, but they have that royal British demeanour to it that makes it worthwhile.

7. Have a meal in Covent Garden

Covent Garden will instantly take you back in time. A melody of historical buildings and modern designs, world cuisines and a real taste of city life.

8. End the evening on Leicester Square

Do you want to end your day with a party? Just get off at Leicester Square and step right into the heart of it.

Sightseeing In London – A Day You’ll Never Forget

Try this itinerary for sightseeing in London and let us know if you enjoyed your day. If you want to add to the list, leave a comment below!

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