Our Top 4 London Apps

If you are in London and you need help navigating the city, here are 4 top London apps that will take you around.

Our top 4 London Apps

4. Trainline

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The Trainline is your go-to place when you need to book a train or check the train schedule.  It covers rail transport across the UK, with local London trains included.

The app is free and lets you book your tickets online even ten minutes before departure. The app has detailed options that can guide you with arrival and departure at all major train stations in the country. You can also check your platform.

What’s more! The app also lets you book hotels. So, this London app is a complete package when it comes to travel. Did we mention you can also book your ferry rides on it?

3.  Tube Map

The Tube Map is the perfect guide for London tube. It is one of the best London available at the moment. This app is also free and comes with a life-saving option called route planner that works without the internet (when you’re stuck in the depths of the London Underground). All you have to do is choose your destination and it will suggest the quickest routes on the tube.

The app has a real-time traffic indicator that also features line delays and closures. Bonus point: you’ll look more like a local and less like a tourist if you use the TubeMap instead of the outdated paper Underground map.

2. Tastecard

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Tastecard is a paid app that gives you some incredible deals on food in London (and across the world). This app lets you look for restaurants by location and cuisines. So, while you are busy being a tourist in this magnificent city you can trust this app to help get around the high price tag that London restaurant food comes with. You usually get a 2for1 deal or 50% off your food deal. However, be aware that most restaurants don’t offer the discounts Fridays and Saturday, drinks are not included and in some cases, not all dishes off the menu are included in the offer. It’s basically best to check with the waiter first.


1. Pocket London

We might be a little bit biased on this one, but we believe Pocket London is your one-stop solution when it comes to London. From ‘where to shop’ to ‘what to watch on the weekend’, this one app can tell you everything. It’s what it says on the package – your pocket guide to London.

The app is completely free to download.

Have you used these London Apps before? Leave a comment below.  Also, don’t forget to download Pocket London free of charge.

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